A Webinar by Green Hydrogen Organization – Green Hydrogen Legislation and Contracting

GH2 launches a guidance portal and webinar series to promote best practices in green hydrogen legislation and contracting. The guidance was created by a team of experts from law firms, project developers, governments, and civil society organizations to accelerate the adoption of commonly accepted practices. The webinar features Jonas Moberg, CEO of GH2 as the moderator, Ines Marques, Director of Green Hydrogen Development Plan, GH2 as the speaker, and industry leaders including Mahmoud Bassiouny, James Josling, Carolina Lopez, and Don Hubert as panellists. The aim is to help decision-makers navigate green hydrogen policies and contracts by sharing key insights, discussing challenges and solutions in financing, pricing, and community engagement, and promoting transparency in legislation and contracts.

Registration and more information: https://gh2.org/event/green-hydrogen-legislation-and-contracting-good-practices-sustainable-green-hydrogen-economy