Everfuel Signs Agreement for Oxygen Supply from HySynergy 2.0 Electrolysis Facility

Herning, Denmark-based company Everfuel has signed a conditional agreement with an undisclosed partner for the supply of oxygen produced through electrolysis at its HySynergy 2.0 facility in Fredericia, Denmark. The deal, which is dependent on the undisclosed partner’s final investment decision for the construction of a process facility adjacent to HySynergy and Everfuel’s decision to progress HySynergy 2.0, will improve the overall utilization and efficiency of the facility and provide a long-term revenue stream for Everfuel. Oxygen and surplus heat are both byproducts of green hydrogen production through electrolysis, and this agreement will allow Everfuel to utilize all primary products from the process: hydrogen, oxygen, and surplus heat. The long-term contract includes payment for a capacity reservation of oxygen and a recurring payment for the oxygen supply, and Everfuel expects a minimum revenue of EUR 1 million per year once the agreement is fully implemented, with no expected additional cost to the company.

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