Green Hydrogen Mongolia

The first dynamic green ammonia plant in Baotou, Inner Mongolia China to power by Topsoe Technology

Topsoe, a leading provider of green ammonia technology and carbon emission reduction solutions, has been chosen by Mintal Hydrogen Energy Technology (Mintal Hydrogen) to provide technology for a new green ammonia plant in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China. The plant will be the first dynamic green ammonia plant in China, with a capacity of 1800 tons per day and an expected start of production in 2025.

The green ammonia produced at the plant will replace approximately 850,000 tons of coal and help reduce over 2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually. Topsoe’s dynamic ammonia technology will be utilized to optimize production and adapt to fluctuations in power output from wind turbines. The clean power from wind turbines will be connected directly to the electrolysis unit, making the process more cost-effective than hydrogen storage.

The plant will be built in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, which is rich in wind energy resources. Mintal Hydrogen estimates that the area’s wind resources have the potential to be developed into a total output capacity of 150 gigawatts, which corresponds to 40% of the available wind energy resources in China.

Mintal Hydrogen is a subsidiary of Mintal Group, an advanced high carbon ferrochrome producer in China. Topsoe, headquartered in Denmark, is a global developer and supplier of decarbonization technology, catalysts, and services for the energy transition. Their mission is to combat climate change by helping partners and customers achieve decarbonization and emission-reduction targets.

Overall this project is a major step forward in China’s move to a greener economy, with the green ammonia plant providing a sustainable and carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels.